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Lindy began writing articles in 2007 which launched Realm Ministries. She continues to write these articles every month discussing today's issues and what the Bible says about them.
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Monthly Encouragement
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Some Things Don't Come Naturally
By Lindy Earl

 In this world, some things come naturally. Like crying. Wow, no baby in the history of the world has ever had to be taught to cry when they are uncomfortable. Hunger, cold, whatever ails them – they know to let out a scream and then they learn that a loving hand will tend them.

As we grow, some things come naturally. Physically, we didn’t have to be shown how to crawl. The child figures it out. They also learn how to stand up, then walk.

We don’t need to be taught how to be selfish. We get that without any training. Hitting others seems to come naturally to children as well.

We must, however, be taught kindness and sharing. Some people fight it. Others accept it. We have to learn to be obedient. We have to learn that our decisions determine our consequences.

I think the challenge often lies in what the world sees as normal but the Lord often sees as sin. The world tells us that living together, to be sure the relationship will last, is normal. Natural. The Bible says otherwise.

The world tells us that we need to work like crazy so that we can accumulate all the things that will make us happy. Matthew 6 says the birds of the field are dressed more splendidly than Solomon, yet they never spin.

The Bible tells us to seek the kingdom of God, meaning be more like Christ, and then the Lord will meet all our needs. That’s unnatural in the way of this world.

I want a career. I had one once. Then my career became my family. Spouse, children, PTA, room mom, baking cookies, VBS. Then, my children grew and my husband left. So, once again, I want a job.

For reasons that I do not understand, the Lord does not want me to have a job. I don’t get it. I quote Genesis at Him, that we should work by the sweat of our brow. He smiles and assures me that He’ll take care of me. He finds me amusing in a sweet way.

I want to know where I’m going to work and how the money is going to come in. That’s a natural thought process. The Lord tells me to trust Him. It’s hard, but He’s never let me down. Trust, even trusting the Lord, the One Whom we can trust without question, does not come naturally.

Life taught us that problems happen. People let us down. Things go awry. Yep, they do. But the Lord doesn’t. As adults, we must be taught to walk in faith and we must learn trust.

Over the past six years, I have cried countless tears and sent literally hundreds of resumes. No luck. Yet, I have seen, many times, how good it was that I don’t work a normal, 9-5, job. There have been so many circumstances where I was available to help others, children and friends, sometimes strangers, because I am not tied to a job. Yet, I continue to desire a job, because that’s what’s normal. It’s natural for me to want a job, to be able to plan for my expenses. But it’s not what God wants for me at this moment.

Recently, two different friends, totally unrelated and not knowing that the other person said something to me, two different people told me that I don’t need a job, I need income. The Lord has a great way of providing income. For instance, I got the house in the divorce. It is way too large for me, so the Lord keeps sending me roommates. These are great people who need a place to stay, so they pay me rent. It’s nothing I planned, yet here they are, providing some income, but not a job.
I acknowledge, on a regular basis, that the Lord is my source. Still, I want Him to be my source in a more normal, natural way, like by providing me a career. That’s not His plan, and the best thing I can do is accept it.

Just like it was natural for me to crawl, then stand, then walk, I need to choose to accept that in the Christian world, it is natural for me to rely on the Lord and His provisions. If I run out of hope, the Holy Spirit is there with more, along with strength and perseverance. It’s all right there waiting for me.

I just need to accept that what’s normal in this world isn’t always the Lord’s Will, but I do know that His Will is always the best option.

     Lindy is a Christian Speaker and Author. You can invite here to speak at your Church, Organization, or Event by contacting her at