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Lindy began writing articles in 2007 which launched the Ministry. She continues to write articles and devotionals, discussing today's issues and what the Bible says about them.
Monthly Encouragement
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Monthly Encouragement

​Beauty in Twigs
Ecclesiastes 3:1

There are so many words in the English language that have multiple meanings. One word is sucker. A sucker can be a sugary treat, or a person who has been used, and, as horticulturists know, a sucker is a small shoot from a tree.

Suckers are unhealthy for a tree. They take the tree’s energy, sapping the tree from necessary nutrients. The best thing you can do for a tree is to cut off the suckers. I recently did this with a Crepe Myrtle in my front yard.

Having an early Spring in Georgia, and my being overly busy, these suckers had reached five feet in height before I noticed them. Wanting to take good care of my Crepe Myrtle, I cut the suckers. 

I now have a tree that looks better and will be healthier moving forward. I also received a second, unexpected, blessing. As I stood outside, with half a dozen 5’ tall suckers in my hand, all with small buds on them, it occurred to me that, even though they were unhealthy for the tree, I still found them attractive.

So I took the suckers into the house and found a 24” vase I bought years ago. I didn’t need that vase, but I liked it and it was affordable and I bought it for myself. I have enjoyed it sitting on a shelf, and even moved my shelves based on the height of this vase.

But now, for the first time, it was being used for its purpose. That vase waited years to be used! And, it is being used to hold what many would consider trash that should be tossed. Somehow, I found beauty in those tall twigs, and even more so once matched with the perfect vase.

We all have good within us, but sometimes we just need to wait patiently, for the perfect time to be used. That was my vase. Sometimes we are ousted from where we began. We were just living our lives, but bam – we were cut away. That was the twigs.

But those suckers found a new home and are continuing to bring joy and beauty into a home. Did they originally belong inside a house? Nope. But that is where they are most appreciated.

Every day is a new beginning. You may be content where you are, just as those suckers were. They were growing, but they were stealing nutrition from their host. Once they were brought inside, they do a great job of bringing happiness, every time I look at them. 

We need to open ourselves to the possibility that maybe our time just hasn’t come yet, or maybe we are still in the growth stage until we can be used, or maybe we need to be put into a better situation where we can really shine and bring joy to others.

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Lindy is a Consultant, Speaker, and Writer, currently living in Atlanta, GA. She is The Business Coach focusing on Relationships through Communication, Leadership, and Corporate Culture. You will be more successful with Lindy on your team. Please contact her at LMEarl@EarlMarketing.com.