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We are happy to work with anyone, individually or in groups, who are seeking encouragement, specifically based on Biblical principles.  We have Speakers available for your next Retreat or Church Service.
    Christian Encouragement and Education
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Our goal is to help those who are looking for encouragement.  We use both the written and oral word and have numerous articles, some of which have been made into a book, available for free at your request.

We need assistance in multiple ways. The most common ways are to donate money or your time. Please see our Take Action page to get more details and a full list of how you can help.
Turnabout 180, a subgroup of Realm Ministries, began in 2007 when Lindy Earl wrote an article and sent it, in the form of a newsletter, to every Christian on her email list. The response was incredibly positive and encouraging, and monthly articles followed. Within a few months people were asking for a website, and RealmMinistries.net, now Turnabout180.org, was established. 

In 2009 the Ministry incorporated and sought a Board of Directors. In December 2009, after months of work, paperwork was submitted to become a 501(c)3 corporation, and we were granted non-profit status in June 2010.

Lindy is available to speak at events, from Bible Studies to Retreats to Seminars and Conferences. Topics include, but are not limited to, God's Love for You, Stewardship, Christian Communication, Christian Business, Leadership, and Financial Budgeting.